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Spicy Challenge


Identifying the future trend for spice consumption in the US, Volava serves as the platform for spicy food in the high levels of the Scoville Scale as well as Asian spicy food culture. The ultimate goal of this event is to integrate foreign spicy food culture into Americans' daily eating habits.

The voices of this project are bold, rustic, multi-cultural, and exciting.


CD: David Gao

AD: David Gao

CW: David Gao

+ Name and Logo

+ Brand Identity

+ Package Design

+ Collaterals (Coupons, Tickets, etc)

+ Image Creation

+ Copy Writing

+ Advertisements (Magazine, Instagram, and OOH)

+ Photography

Volava hero Final 1.jpg


Spice it up!

This challenge consists of 10 levels of spiciness. There is an area and food stands that are designated to each level of the challenge. Once a challenge is completed, participants can move to a high level and receive different rewards such as gift cards, coupons, and take-out food. This event will be conducted once per year, therefore, participants will have opportunity to reach a higher level and see their progress.

Final tend.jpg



The ad campaigns of Volava highlights the reasons why you should come to this event, which are the experience of learning foreign food culture, tasting spicy food at the higher level of the Scoville Scale, and enjoying the deliciousness that we bring to you.

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