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Design Brief / Project Overview

The Project brief includes all the essential criteria of the project such as product and service, problem and object, brief market research, positioning, target audience, brand message, voice, and means. It sets direction for my initial designs.

Market Research

Market research is important because I have to know the competitors and potential substitutes for your product. Understanding my competitors help me to think of how to differentiate from other similar products and create my unique brand identity.

Screenshot 2024-06-13 at 4.19.26 PM.png

Mind Map

A mind map is a collection of words and terms that appears in your mind. They don't have to be closely related since it is an opportunity for brain storming.

Thumbnails and Roughs

I always follow the "100-10-1" process when designing since I believe great final designs come out of rounds of critics and tons of feedbacks and experimentations.


Audience Profile

Understanding my target audience is important because the project is actually designed for them. Knowing their preferences, interests, and habits would help a lot.

Site Map

A site map is the list of all pages and navigations within the website or app. It is similar to the table of content for a magazine that guides me for later deisngs.

Site Map.png
Asset 1.png

User Flow & Wireframe

User flow and wireframe are probably two of the most important parts of app design. Creating a wireframe makes me think of what kinds of information should put in which section as well as the users experience.

Brand Elements & Iconography

The last step before actually creating the project is to create brand elements such as icons, patterns, colors, typography, and so on. Good brand elements can add visual interest to a project and maintain brand consistency.

New icon.png

Phrase 1 Process Demo

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