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50 Questions


As the research goes along, I develop a research methodology based on conceptual and formal questions as a design process. The first step is to explore new content by creatives, authors, thought leaders, and others within and outside design to help develop internal and external questions as a practicing designer, and therefore, I came up with more than 50 questions either about design or outside of design. They could be questions that could be solved by basic online research, but some questions are more open-ended, and basic research would not give accurate questions. Some questions already have answer, while others or not; some question has only one answer, while others require multiple way of thinkings from different perspectives.

    Therefore, I decided to set up a AI model that answers those questions for my audience, Skyler. AI: It is a basic model that is sound-sensible and interactive; it could provide answers to questions ranged from design and acedemic questions to daily question from point of view since I created its database. 


  • Basic coding (Python)

  • TouchDesigner interactive system

  • ​Graphics

  • Research 

  • Q/A system


DG: Hi. Skyler!

AI: Hello. How can I help you?

DG: What are you, Skyler?

AI: I am a i voice assistance system that answers your questions based on the database that my creater (David) provided.

DG: Who created you then?

AI: Lord David creates me.

DG: Who is David?

AI: Oh. David is the most charismatic man in the world :)

DG: What is the whether today in Boston?

AI: Boston. Mostly Cloudy and Breezy. 57°F. 14°C. Humidity, 37%. Wind Speed, SW 21 mph.

DG: Thank you Skyler. Now I might ask you the questions on the list. Does soul exist after life, and why or why not?

AI: I am not sure about that, but philoshopher Escartes believed that the soul existed prior to and separate from the body and so was immortal. 

DG: What is the boundary between design and art?

AI: Design marries aesthetics with function to archievev a purpose. Art is open to intepretation by viewers.

DG: What are the THREE benefits of artificial intelligence in most workplace?

AI: AI drives down the time taken to perform a task; AI enables the execution of hitherto complex tasks without significant cost outlays; AI operates 24x7 without interruption or breaks and has no downtime.

DG: Does learning design theory in school help us to find a job?

AI: Well. You already know the answer when you ask this question :)


Skyler. AI's sound sensible system allows it to recognize speech from its users. It also has a interactive graphic motion element as the imitation of database accumulation in machine brain. 

Blue texture symbolizes accumulated nformation or speech;

Golden texture showcases current speech or sound volume.

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