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Emotion of the Week


When thinking about creating a set of data for emotions, the first things appeared in my mind are charts, types, and numbers. However, can we actually “feel” the data without reading any information? For this project, I decide to take an abstract approach that I used only shapes, lines, and colors to connotatively indicate my emotions of the week. The vibrant colors from riso-print could effectively convey my message.

    Like most related project for my pre-thesis works, there are different but similar approaches - translating the visuals, sensory experience, feelings, and concepts into something immersive, interactive, and meaningful. On the other hand, how can we use adjectives and prompts properly and effectively to generate expressive and meaningful contents through AI?

GD 2_P2_Data 9 iterations-04.png
GD 2_P2_Data 9 iterations-07.png
GD 2_P2_Data 9 iterations-02.png
GD 2_P2_Data 9 iterations-05.png
GD 2_P2_Data 9 iterations-08.png
GD 2_P2_Data 9 iterations-03.png
GD 2_P2_Data 9 iterations-06.png
GD 2_P2_Data 9 iterations-09.png

Risograph printing & painting

I believe design is a way to solve problems while art is a great way to freely express our emotions, so in this case, I decided to blur the boundary between art design — I decided to paint out my emotions by my hands. Indeed, I was a novel experience for my to set up my little studio, to mix and match colors, and to create my first piece of acrylic paintings.

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