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Skateboard sharing system


Have you ever thought about using skateboards for transportation? According to research, only less than 15% of Americans rode on skateboards last year. In fact, skateboarding is a great way for transportation and entertainment that provides positive attitudes and enriches lifestyle; it has the greatest mobility and portability among all the vehicles. Therefore, the purpose of Skroot is to introduce this alternative and creative way of transportation that facilitates our lives; it is a skateboard sharing system that people can easily borrow our skateboards in our local stations and return them after each ride.


CD: David Gao

AD: David Gao

CW: David Gao

+ Name and Logo

+ Brand Identity

+ Collaterals (T-shirt, cap, membership card, etc)

+ App design

+ Copy Writing

+ Advertisements (Magazine, Instagram, and OOH)

+ Photography

Skroot hero Final 1.jpg


Skroot Business Plan

Available for Download

Words Document

The start-up business plan I created will first take place at Syracuse University. The document includes elaborate information such as market research, budget, investments, revenues, cash flows, etc.

Mobile Deisgn

The app presence serves as the guidance for users. The app provides instructions for new users, shows statistics and information such as speed and usage time, locates local Skroot stations, helps users to borrow and return skateboards, sells collaterals, and provides music song tracks along with their rides. The design direction of the app takes a simple but creative approach that could clearly convey what our service is.

453_P2_ App Mockup.png



A question might appear in your mind: Why should I ride on a skateboard instead of driving? The ad campaigns focus on conveying the advantages of skateboard as well as our skateboard sharing system that vehicles do not have.

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