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Bubble Tea Experience


BubbleMate is a novel bubble tea powder (made up of milk tea powder and tapioca pearls) brand that encourages British teenagers to break the tradition of British tea culture and try alternative drinks. The brand aims to provide customers with positive emotions, integrating the fun, energetic, and enjoyable bubble tea experience into the plain British lifestyle.

Voice: Crazy, fun, and energetic.


CD: David Gao

AD: David Gao

CW: David Gao

+ Name and Logo

+ Brand Identity

+ Package Design

+ Collaterals

+ Image Creation

+ Copy Writing

+ Advertisements (Magazine, Instagram, and OOH)

Regular Box  &  Packages

Box 1.jpg

The design approach to the regular box focuses on consistency in the crazy and energetic brand voice with dynamic layout and photo manipulation. At the same time, information such flavors and descriptor are clearly stated on the cover.

Clear Plastic Box

Box 2.jpg

The purpose of this design approach is to allow buyers to see the designs on the tins. In this case, information about the product will be visible on the interior packages and the sides of the box. This box is designed for the purpose of a gift.

Bubble Mate hero Final 1.jpg



The ad campaigns show different emotions provided by each different flavor, such as refreshed apple flavor, energetic orange flavor, and sweet strawberry flavor. The design approach and copywriting are consistent with the energetic and fun brand voice. In addition, the model for each ads correlates to our target audience - British teenagers.

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