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Moon Festival Celebratory Cake


The purpose of Benyue is to introduce mooncake as a form of delicacy to western culture. It is the brand that tells stories about the Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival culture through design aesthetics and clear communications. The advertising aims to show the linkage between “family reunion” and the brand.


CD: David Gao

AD: David Gao

CW: David Gao

+ Name and Logo

+ Brand Identity

+ Package Design

+ Collaterals

+ Image Creation

+ Copy Writing

+ Advertisements (Magazine, Instagram, and OOH)


Mooncake box & packages

The design of the package applies simple traditional Chinese design styles with symbolic elements of the Moon Festival such as the Jade Rabbit and Chang 'E (Goddess). The brand will introduce stories the fairy tales related to mooncakes in the forms of illustrations and typography via user experience when opening the packages. The combination of clean layout and clear hierarchy helps western customers to understand what this product is at the first glance. The overall concept of a fairy tale also promotes the idea of family reunion through the message of  “everyone shares a tale and a bite”.

Compressed mooncake collection.png



The purpose of this series of ad campaigns is the reinforce the linkage between Benyue and family reunion. Meanwhile, the ads highlight the four major features of the festival, which are moon appreciation, fairy tales, and mooncakes.

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